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“A teaching artist is an artist who actively engages learners in consciously developing the aesthetics of their own processes for learning” - Arnold Aprill

The foundation of my artistic career is based on constructive creation: I teach what I know, and my students teach me what they know. Together, we create a deeper meaning of the subject through our collective. 

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Inclusive Education

I believe that people of all abilities deserve individualized modes of access to curriculum, and that, no matter the subject, there is always a way to create curriculum to meet the needs of the learner. While living in Chicago, I worked for the Niles Township District for Special Education from 2015-2021 as a paraprofessional and substitute teacher. This experience gave me multiple skills in accessibility partnerships and introduced me to a wealth of new modes of access for arts education. Leah also worked as an online Theatre Crafts instructor at the Ralla Klepak Performing Arts Program (RKPAP) as part of Yachad Chicago, serving Chicago's disabled Jewish community. I was most recently the Site Coordinator at the Arc of the Capital Metro Area Downtown location in Austin, Texas, where I taught multi-disciplinary arts lessons.  Pictured: A student sits at a table with an adaptive sewing lesson made by Leah. They are using a paper plate and yarn to practice the motion of hand-sewing. 

From 2015-2020, I worked as the extracurricular costume and props designer at Niles West High School, in Skokie, IL. During my time there, I oversaw the design of 5 productions per school year, with a costume shop comprised of volunteer students. Among the lessons I taught my high schoolers were: sewing, costume maintenance, painting and dyeing, ironing and steaming, backstage wardrobe, hair & makeup, wig maintenance, props construction, and design.

To learn more about this unique theatre program click here

Pictured: the Niles West Costume Shop working on "Little Shop of Horrors". Several high schoolers sit at dress forms and sewing machines, stitching costumes.


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